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The perfect sensitive skin insect repellent for the whole family. Protect Sensitive lasts all day from a single use, allowing you and your family to relax on holiday bite-free. It is proven to be as effective as maximum strength, 50% DEET repellents.Made using 20% micro-encapsulated Saltidin®, the repellent is released gradually during the period of wear for up to 12 hours protection. Protect Sensitive is the best insect repellent for sensitive skin, and is sweat & splash resistant and non-greasy.

Protect Sensitive

  • A sensitive skin friendly repellent that is just as effective as 50% DEET. Non-greasy and sweat & splash resistant, it gives you and your family all day protection for 12 hours.


    ★★★★ "A good alternative to DEET if you are a mosquito magnet. It gave me a high level of protection, which other deet alternatives have failed to do."

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