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The ultimate midge repellent for all day defence against midge and tick bites! Protect Midge & Tick uses 20% micro-encapsulated Saltidin® to give the best protection you can buy against midges and ticks. The ideal midge repellent for hikers, walkers, gardeners, or a family holiday in the countryside. Protect Mick & Tick repellent is sweat & splash resistant and is released slowly meaning that just one application can last all day. Can be used on children from ages 2+.

Protect Midge & Tick

  • Top Scottish midge & tick repellent that lasts all day from one application. Sweat & splash resistant, ideal for hiking, cycling or walking in extreme midge conditions. Nothing repels midges better.


    ★★★★★ "In North West Scotland the locals swear by this. I got no bites at all."

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