Highly recommended in national press coverage, Protect offers maximum protection for you and your family from biting insects. Whether in the UK or abroad, a spray insect repellent is a necessary precaution.


Protect is rigorously tested to be the best you can buy, keeping your family safe. When you need all day protection, a child-friendly repellent, or a repellent suitable for sensitive skin, the Protect range has it all.


When you want to stay protected all day, choose the UK's best and most advanced insect repellents. Easy to use insect repellents for you and your family on holiday, giving you peace of mind.

Protect Max DEET Spray Mosquito Repellent 100Ml Bottle
Protect Sensitive Best Sensitive Skin Mosquito Repellent 100Ml Bottle

All day protection from one application

Sweat & splash resistant repellent for

family use

Long-lasting natural repellent

Tested & made in Scotland for extreme

midge conditions

Maximum strength DEET for tropical


Protection from insect bites for all the


Soothing Aloe Vera bite relief spray
& roll-on pen

Fast and effective tick removal

Easy to use insect repellent bands

An effective water treatment in a

convenient tablet form

To test ticks for the presence of Lyme 

disease causing bacteria

An easy to use plug-in emits a vapour to

kill biting insects on contact


Manufactured in the UK using the latest science and technology, Protect includes the most technically advanced repellents you can buy. Protect Once, Protect Midge & Tick, and Protect Sensitive all include time-release technology where the repellent ingredient is released slowly over the period of wear, providing All Day Protection for 12 hours. Long-lasting protection assured.



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"My Life Saver! Worked fantastically well so much so I doubted that there were mosquitoes until I forgot to reapply the product after the 12 hours and was bit...."

"Midge Repellent that Works! ....with the worst midges in living memory, according to the locals, this little bottle did the trick. No bites at all."